Easter message

Tina Haapala |

Today it is Easter, probably the most significant Christian holiday there is. Next week we start back with the book-based investments articles, but today I’m gonna get a little preachy. So if you dislike reading religious stuff, you might want to stop now.

In case your Bible is a bit dusty, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection was needed because He allowed Himself to be sacrificed in payment for our sins. The resurrection is important because it shows that the sacrifice was complete and sufficient. Thus if you accept that you are a sinner, that you can’t work your way out of your sin, but rather need and trust in the gift of Jesus’ substitutionary sacrifice, then that gift is yours.

Now if you don’t think God exists then this probably seems a bit nonsensical to you. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve spent many a day contemplating the non-existence of God. In the end, looking at all I had up to then experienced and learned in life, it seemed rather obvious to me that He does exist. Many atheists short-change themselves in never really deciding if they are right.

They might look around and decide that God cannot exist because God would not allow [fill-in-the-blank]. I ask if this is a proof of non-existence or a proof that they want a god to be made in the image they desire.

They might study the sciences and with diligence find answers to what they seek. Then they say that we are the result of a bang, or that the earth is held together by physical forces…they see no need for a god in the equations. I ask if having answers to your questions proves there is no God or if rather they show you are not asking the right questions.

And then there are those who do not believe whose proof for that unbelief is the lives lived by supposed believers. “If this Jesus is true then why do Christians do…” followed by some rather non-godly actions. First, let me apologize. Those who believe in Jesus are not perfect. The very fact that they trusted in Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection to save them from the inevitable punishment for their sins proves that. It is, however, not an inoculation from them sinning...rather it is a cure from the end result.

So now I turn to speak to the believer. What kind of message is shining forth from your life? Ask yourself if you are the type of believer that the unsaved can observe and ponder if they need to examine this God of yours. Or are you the type of believer who makes one think there is nothing special to God, or faith, or Christianity?

Easter isn’t just a time of sugar-coated marshmallow Peeps and overcrowded churches, it’s a also a good time to examine one’s beliefs. Back to money next week.

Gary Silverman, CFP® is the founder of Personal Money Planning, LLC, a Wichita Falls retirement planning and investment management firm and author of Real World Investing. Available on amazon or at abpbooks.