Tax Planning

Financial advisors provide tax advice. Even though our emails and financial planning materials state things like "Not intended as tax advice" and "Consult your tax professional," the truth is that when we make recommendations aimed primarily at lowering your overall tax burden, this is tax advice. 

Some of the tax advice that we  provide may include: 

  • Whether to invest in traditional (pre-tax) or tax-free (Roth) retirement accounts 

  • Whether to withdraw profits or losses from a taxable brokerage account 

  • Putting assets in the best places to minimize investment income taxes 

  • Recommendations on how to give to charity (for example, using a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA) to maximize any tax deductions available. 

  • Recommendations for estate planning and leaving a legacy to minimize inheritance taxes. 


In short, it's difficult to think of a financial planning topic that does not involve taxes. Even though taxes and financial planning go hand in hand, we are not licensed tax professionals. 

So, to be consistent, here is our disclaimer: Speak with a tax expert about your taxes. While we may recommend some great tax saving strategies, make sure it aligns with your entire tax situation.