Investment Management

Investing begins with goals…your life goals. Whether planned or not, there are things you are trying to accomplish in life. Some of these life goals involve money and therefore have underlying financial goals. And some of these financial goals involve investing and result in investing goals.

Our investment management begins with your investment goals.

Following are the steps you can expect from us when we are managing your investments:

  • We determine your investment goals. This includes identifying your risk tolerance and return needs as well as your expected cash inflows and outflows;
  • We design an asset allocation mix to meet those goals;
  • We develop methods and strategies to best effect the goals (this includes decisions such as how much to put in your 401(k), whether to use a Roth or Traditional IRA, etc);
  • We research and pick specific investments.
  • Finally, we monitor the portfolio; rebalancing as needed due to investment performance; modify strategies due to changes in your circumstances, and change investments used if warranted.