Personal Money Planning officially began in 1993, but the story begins much earlier.

Before entering the financial planning field, Gary Silverman, the founder of Personal Money Planning, was involved in creating and implementing large-company training programs for Texas Utilities. This was his first non-military job after leaving the U.S. Navy Submarine Service in 1982. He began making “real money” he knew he should invest some of it for his family’s future. After attending a number of seminars, he decided on a financial planner to handle his investing needs.

Two years later, and down about 50% (in a bull market), Gary figured he could lose the money just as fast himself and maybe learn something doing it. Thus began his quest for financial knowledge.

Gary began researching investing and financial planning. It seemed easy at first, but the more he learned, the more he realized he didn’t know squat. So he began a journey that included earning his MBA from the University of Dallas and obtaining the Certified Financial Planner® license.

Finally, through his studies and trial & error, he began making money instead of losing it. People around the lunch table at work began asking for advice. Gary was now headed toward being a financial advisor.

In 1990, he decided to begin a part-time career as a financial advisor. Later, in order to have more comprehensive products for his clients, he affiliated with a large brokerage firm. This gave him a much wider selection of investments. Finally, in 1993, Gary took his financial advisory business full-time.

Personal Money Planning grew slow and steady. But it did grow. After two years with the brokerage company, Gary felt that a fee-only practice would be in the best interest of himself and his clients. He became a fee-only practitioner; still one of the few in the area.

The firm continues to expand, growing from a tiny office with just enough room for Gary to turn around in to its present location at the top of the Southwest Building in Wichita Falls that includes five separate spacious offices, two conference rooms and a kitchen (we get hungry). In addition, the staff has evolved from a solo adviser to a team of five professionals and support staff helping individuals, families and small businesses in their investment and financial planning needs.