Money Diet blog a great resource

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In my column today, instead of me sharing my words of wisdom with you, I want to let you know about another great source: The Money Diet blog. My colleague, Michelle Kuehner, created it. I’ll let her tell you what it is all about…

Have you finally come to the realization that cutting back on spending is a pretty smart idea, but you just aren't sure where to start? It's no wonder; if you Google the words "creating a budget" and "saving money tips", there are over 177 million "ideas" that pop up. What's worse are these "ideas" come from a wide range of people with varying degrees of knowledge on the subject. They also include those trying to sell you their services, some without much knowledge of budgeting at all.

Let's face it, anyone can post on a blog, Facebook, or on other social media avenues claiming they can show you how to save money. There’s no requirement to do that, no training in budget counseling expected at all.  Their focus is to use keywords that allow their post to be found when entered into the various search engines. But just because it's found on the Internet doesn't mean it's true (Well, not all of the time. I'm still testing out the pizza diet theory). 

So what makes my blog any different from those I've mentioned? First, I'm not selling you a thing. I'm simply providing you some free advice on ways to trim some of the unnecessary expenses off your budget.  Secondly, and more importantly, I'm a Certified Credit Counselor, a Certified Financial Health Counselor, and have been in the finance industry for over 21 years. So I’m not just writing this on a whim.

One thing I've realized is that the easier you make budgeting, the longer you will stick with it. I mean, seriously, no one wants to spend hours each month accounting for each dollar they've spent. And I think most of us already have a pretty good idea of where our money is going. So, instead of having you complete some extensive spreadsheet to account for each dollar, I'd like to focus on some ways you can save on things you already have, while easing the payments a bit.

Over the next several weeks (or maybe months, depending on suggestions from readers), I'll be posting a series of tips to help you review your budget. These tips will include how to save on utilities, insurance, household goods, credit cards, debt, clothing, memberships, and much more.

Creating a spending plan is not nearly as hard as it seems. Actually, if you make money and spend money, you already have one. It may not be a good plan, but it’s a plan that exists just the same. 

Thanks, Michelle. Living within one’s means often is the main reason for money woes. Michelle’s blog helps you help yourself  get your Money Diet under control. To check it out or sign up to get it delivered to your e-mail, go to

I’ll be back next week.


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