February- Planning with Purpose Webinar


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Planning is important. Of course, this is something a Financial Planner would say, right? That is fair. But I bet a whole lot of other people, many having gone through the task of sorting through mounds of paperwork, left by a deceased relative or friend would say this too. 

Let us face it, there has been an elephant in the room for some time. The looming thought of our temporality being just around the corner is something no one enjoys thinking about. In fact, many become paralyzed with the thought of leaving their family without the “me” that is currently in existence. At the same time, deep in our prefrontal cortex, we know it will happen. 

If something good can come out of a debilitating global pandemic, one that took many individuals with such emboldened futures ahead of them, let it be this…having an organized, accurate, and accessible plan in place for those you love and leave behind can be a blessing. There, I said it, and here is why- 

Imagine something bad happening to your home, like a fire or tornado. A catastrophic event that does a lot of damage to what ends up being your unrecognizable belongings. Could you accurately create a list of everything in your house at the time? Every piece of furniture, every article of clothing, and each piece of flatware. Could you? 

To make the greatest difference in the lives of those we love in a time of need, we need to plan. Having an organized system, let us call it your Financial Life Blueprint, helps those you leave behind access the important items they need in a time of grief. 

Sounds good, but not sure where to start? That is what we will be helping you put together over the next many months, one step at a time. Here is what will be covered this month:


Your Stuff Part 1

Your password stuff 

Organizing your passwords & codes 

Password storage methods 

Providing access at the right time