Financial Advice

Some people don’t want us managing their investments or creating their financial plan, but still, they want some help or advice in financial matters.

Here is a sampling of services we've offered to folks like this in the past:

  • Going over their self-created investment portfolio and giving recommendations for improvement (or just the knowledge that it looks fine as it is).
  • Choosing which 401(k) options to use at a new employer.
  • Getting a second opinion on a portfolio built by another adviser.
  • Determining the amount of life insurance they need to buy (and the type).
  • Knowing what debt to pay off first.
  • The pros and cons of paying off the house mortgage with their investments.
  • Whether a Roth or Traditional IRA makes the most sense given their tax situation.
  • How much to put away in an emergency fund.
  • Getting tax-savings ideas.
  • Setting up a retirement plan for a small business.
  • Counseling an engaged or newly married couple in their newly combined finances.
  • Figuring out the best way (and how much) to pay for a college education.
  • Setting up a charitable giving program.
  • Financial counseling in a divorce.
  • Financial counseling after widowhood.
  • Financial considerations in starting a business or moving into consulting.

In other words, we will give you answers to your financial questions. If we don’t have immediate answers, we will help you research the answer or find someone else who can.