Easter Message: Who is driving your life?

Tina Haapala |

Warning: This is one of those articles where I stray into the area of faith and religion. For some reason this tends to make some folks mad. They want me to butt out of that part of their lives and stick with money. So if that’s you, feel free to stop reading and come back next week.

There are areas of my life hiding in my blind spot.  I can’t see them, but I’m sure something is lurking.  There are also the areas in my rearview mirror; I try to ignore them, but every time I look back, there they are. And then outside the windshield are those aspects of life that, although they are in full view, I’m doing nothing about them.

We all have these issues. Some ride slowly beside us, some we try to outrun, and others stare us in the face. There are the people who buy the house that is way too big for their needs let alone their budget. Or the couple with the 6-figure income who can’t save $50 a month or the ones who promised to pay for their child’s education but instead are buried in credit card debt. And of course, there’s the older worker who’s planning for retirement without any savings.

Those people have glaring spots that they are either not aware of, have forgotten about, or are choosing to ignore. Most of my columns provide information to help correct these issues, but it takes action on the reader’s part before change occurs. So while my message fails to sprout, I sow the seed anyway.

I try to convince myself that sharing this information is not futile; someone who is unaware of an issue can learn, those who have forgotten are reminded, even those who have habitually ignored past advice may find themselves inspired to change course. Certainly this doesn’t always happen, but I sow the seed anyway.

Today is Easter. When it comes to Christian holidays, this is the biggie. At this time a couple thousand years ago, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection occurred. Some of you reading this believe as I do that this is fact. Some of you think the story is allegorical and based on real events, with God not playing a role at all. Still others reject the existence of God altogether.

I’m not going to try and convince you of God’s reality, that He has a Son, that you need salvation, or that the path to salvation is through Him (but if you want to discuss it sometime, let me know). But I do suggest, if you are still reading, don’t ignore Christ in your blind spot, instead consider His message and do a bit of research for yourself.  If He’s in your rearview mirror, stop the chase and reacquaint yourself with your beliefs.  And, if He’s been in front of you the whole time, its time you let Him back in the driver’s seat. Because from there, He can help with all your unforeseen blind spots. 

Realize that any or all of the above being true does not depend on you believing it, but I sow the seed anyway, in hope and in faith.

This article was published under the title "Check rear view mirror" in the Wichita Falls Times Record News on March 31, 2013.