Housing in Retirement

There has been an assumption made by many when looking forward to their retirement: they would downsize their home and pocket the savings. After all, most people have a small (if any) amount saved up for retirement. For those who are fortunate enough to own a home, that home is their largest asset. Cashing in at least part of that asset might be the only way for them to have cash above and beyond their Social Security income. 

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"Your Number" is not Set In Stone

Seems like there’s a good amount of talk about “Your Number.” Specifically, the number of dollars you need to have to be able to retire. There have even been a few advertising campaigns built around this concept. What I want to do today is discuss what this number means and the problems with believing any calculation can be set in stone.

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Avoiding Retirement Woes

How to Avoid Retirement Woes

According to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the top concern of retirees is running out of money. While it’s a known fact that many of us don’t begin to save for retirement when we should, it appears that nearly half of all current retirees are concerned about outliving their retirement funds. However, there are some things you can do now to help mitigate the very real risk of outliving your retirement funds. These include the following:

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